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February, the most awaited months for lovers and the month of Valentine's week is here. It starts from the Rose Day on 7 february followed by Propose Day (8 February), Chocolate Day(9 February), Teddy Day (10 February), Promise Day(11 February), Hug Day(12 February), Kiss Day(13 February) and then finally arrives Valentine's Day on 14 February. The beginning of the week starts by Rose Day. On this day people gives Rose to their lovers with wishes. 

 Every one knows that each and every day is for love  for lovers but since it's the beginning of Valentine's week, you can start it by giving your loved ones with a beautiful Rose with a lovely quotes and wishes with it. It will be the perfect start of the Valentine's week. 

So here we are gonna help you with some best quotes and wishes for Rose Day for husband,wife, boyfriend,girlfriend and friends which will be very useful for you to impress your loved ones. You can cheque out below. 

1) Wishing you a very Lovely and Happy Rose Day! 

2) A rose is not just a flower, it is an expression of love, a bunch of feelings, we share to ones we love. Happy Rose Day! 

3) The one who is precious to me. I wish her a very very Special Rose Day! 

4) There is no feeling more comfortable and consoling than knowing that you are right next to the one you love. Happy Rose Day! 

5) Rose is my favourite flower in the world and so are you. Happy Rose Day to my favourite person! 

6) You are the only one my heart wants, cherish for and I love the most. Happy Rose Day! 

7) Sending a bunch of roses on this day to express my love for you which is as deep, pure and beautiful as you. Happy Rose Day! 

8) One Rose says more than the dozen. Happy Rose Day! 

9) I wish you a very warm and Happy Rose Day my dear friend and I wish you to be blessed with lots of love in life! 

10) Sending a beautiful Rose to gorgeous woman like you. Happy Rose Day Sweet Heart! 

11) May God make your life beautiful like Rose and remove all the thrones away from your path of success. Happy Rose Day! 

12) A bunch of roses and lots of love for my love. Happy Rose Day! 

13) A Rose is symbol of my love for you. Happy Rose Day! 

14) You are as beautiful as Rose. Happy Rose Day! 

15) You cannot measure the depth of my love for you and the beauty of roses. So I am giving both. Happy Rose Day! 

16) A bunch of love and roses for my love. 

17) Presenting you a bouquet of love which symbolises our eternal love. Happy Rose Day My Darling! 

18) Nothing can replace you in my life. Happy Rose Day! 

19) Just like a Rose fills the air with it's fragrance . You have filled my life with love and joy. Happy Rose Day Dear! 

20) Sending a Rose to say I love you. Happy Rose Day! 

21) You are as soft as Rose petals , for your heart I have a beautiful Rose. Happy Rose Day! 

22) Accept this Rose of mine as a symbol of love. Happy Rose Day! 

23) A Rose speaks of love silently in language known only to the heart. Happy Rose Day! 

24) Your love is my passion. Happy Rose Day! 

25) The one who is precious to me, wishing you a very Happy Rose Day! 

26) Our love is like a Rose. It will bloom and bloom forever. Happy Rose Day! 

27) It takes billion of people to create this world but my life feels complete only with you. Happy Rose Day! 

28) My heart beats for only one girl in this world and that is you. Happy Rose Day, honey!

29) This beautiful Rose is only for you. Happy Rose Day! 

30) Happy Rose Day to the one whom I love the most! 

31) I am sending red roses to my dream girl as you are as precious to me as roses to bees. Happy Rose Day! 

32) You made my heart as soft as the petals of rose by your love. Wishing you a lovely Rose Day. 

33) You have loved me with all my flaws and limitations. You have accepted me as I am. Happy Rose Day Dear! 

34) Hope your life be blossomed with these roses. Happy Rose Day! 

35) If I have a bunch of roses, I will insert a plastic rose in it and give it to you & say “Our Friendship continues till the last rose dried”.

36) Love can be expressed in many ways but I think a rose is a rose so sending you a bunch with lots of love. Happy Rose Day! 

37) When I am in your company I forget all my sorrows and pains. May we never be apart. Happy Rose Day! 

38) Happy Rose Day to someone who filled my heart with boundless love and happiness. 

39) I looked at a sweet, beautiful rose, And then I looked at you, And I kept looking at you, For the rose isn’t as beautiful as you.

40) Since You came to my life it has become as beautiful as Rose. Happy Rose Day! 

41) On the Rose Day, I’m sending my love a bunch of roses and lots of kisses and hug. Happy Rose Day to you, my sweetheart!

42)Wishing a very happy and lovely rose day to the most precious person in my life.

43) You have filled fragrance of love in my life. Thanks for making it so beautiful. A Rose to my Rose on the lovely Rose day. Happy Rose day sweetheart!

44) Happy Rose day to you love! You are as beautiful, attractive, stunning, gorgeous as a bunch of red roses.

45)Red is not just a color. Instead, it is the epitome of passion. I wish, our love remains as intense as the red roses. Happy Rose day!

46) Red or yellow, white or pink; Baby you are my everything. All the roses to you because I Find everything in you. Happy Rose Day!

47) You give me the kind of softness I need in my hard struggles, Baby you give me the best cuddles. A rose for bringing the best in me. Happy Rose Day!

48) Some feelings can’t be told, but I want to share something that I have hold; this red rose is for you to let your heart mold, Baby let’s together get old. Happy Rose Day!

49) A garden without a rose is just barren land and so is my life without you. Happy Rose Day!

50) Not every flower except a rose can express my love for you. Sending a bunch of roses for my beloved....
Happy Rose Day!

51) Dear boyfriend, My love for you is pure, resolute, and eternal. Happy Rose Day my man!

52) Rose Days will come and go, but my love, best wishes, kisses, and hugs will remain for you forever. Happy Rose Day baby!

53) Just like a red rose spreads its charm in the room, your presence makes my life super-exciting. I wish you a Happy Rose Day, handsome!

54)Your love is like the fragrance of roses, it boosts me up when I feel tired, it supports me up when I am hurt, it cheers me up when I am sad. Happy Rose Day!

55) Thanks for sending me this beautiful bouquet of red roses darling. You are the most precious rose in my life. Happy rose day my boyfriend!

56)You are the most amazing thing that ever happened to me, my love. Roses can ever express my immense love for you. Happy Rose Day!

57) Hey beautiful wife, even though this bunch of red roses is pretty and fragrant, your beauty is incomparable. Happy Rose Day darling wife!

58)You are like a fresh and fragrant breeze in my life which filled it with happiness and satisfaction. Thanks for coming into my life and making it beautiful. Happy Rose Day, sweety!

59) Even after all these years, my love for you is still the same. Sending you this beautiful rose as an expression of my heart feelings for you my darling husband... Love you!

60) Sending mesmerizing roses and hugs to the most sincere and diligent man in the world. Happy Rose Day my hubby!

61)You not only make my life daring and romantic but also make my heart beat faster. I wish you a Happy Rose Day, darling husband.

62) A love that never faded throughout the years, A love which takes away all the fears, A love which will always bloom like a rose everywhere. This is our love. Happy Rose Day, my sunshine!

63) The way you handle me delicately makes me feel like a beautiful flower taken good care of. I will continue to bloom in your love and shade. Happy Rose Day 2022!

64) May you always bloom like a rose flower, spread fragrance like a rose flower, and always stand strong during hard times like a rose flower. Happy Rose Day!

65) Happy Rose Day to my love. 

66) Having you as a friend beside me always makes me feel happy and loved. Sending you this yellow rose as a symbol of my feelings for you...Happy rose day!

67) If you open my heart, you will see your own image. I love you & happy Rose Day!

68) I asked for a flower but God gave me a rose...You are the rose...Happy Rose Day!!

69) A single rose can spread fragrance in the whole room just like you alone bring enormous happiness to my life. Love you, darling. Happy Rose Day!

70) A wonderful woman like you deserves an awesome gift. So, on this Rose Day, I am gifting you a beautiful bunch of Red Roses. Happy Rose Day, sweetheart.
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