Mumbiker Nikhil And His Best 40 Motivational And Inpirational Quotes On Life And Success

                   Mumbiker Nikhil
           Mumbiker Nikhil is one of the biggest motovlogger, YouTuber and influencer in India. His real name is Nikhil Sharma . He was born on 4 November ,1991 in Mumbai.His father name is Anil Kumar Sharma.He has one sister named as Nikita Sharma who is married. He did hotel management from Rizwi Institute of Management and Research which was incomplete because he got job in Qatar Airways. He passed almost 6 years there as a flight attendant. 

           He worked as a flight attendant till 2012 in Doha, Qatar then he came back to India. He also worked in acting but he got fame as a YouTuber. He currently has 3.43+ million subscribers on YouTube, named as Mumbiker Nikhil and 1.1 million followers on Instagram, named as Nikkkhil. He makes videos about his lifestyle , motovlogging and the diiferent countries he travel. In India, he has almost travelled each and every state  with his friends. Also outside India, he has travelled to many different countries such as Dubai, Qatar, Turkey, Japan, Canada, USA etc and many more to come in future. 

        The youths are very much inspired by him. He also puts the motivational quotes in his videos. Here is his best 40 motivational and inspirational quotes--

1) "If used correctly 'SMILE' can be a very dangerous weapon."                               ~MN

2) "Start from somewhere anywhere. just start dont worry about the end."           ~MN

3) "Time from puberty to maturity will be the best time of your life."                     ~MN

4) "You are a better version of your parents. Look at them and learn."               ~MN

5) "The most important thing you have as a young person is Time. Spend it wisely. Once gone it can't be coming back."    ~MN

6) "Sleepless night for love won't give you bank balance. But for your Passion it might."                                                      ~MN

7) "A perfect life has to go through a lot imperfect time to be Perfect."               ~MN

8) "The day you stop learning is the day you stop growing."                                       ~MN

9) "You don't lose when you fail. You lose when you give up."                                  ~MN

10) "Anger is a storm which can destroy you. Calm the anger and let the storm pass."                                                       ~MN

11) "Anything in excess in your life becomes poison at one point of time. "                                                                                   ~MN

12) "New experiences teaches you new things. Never run away from it."          ~MN

13) "Slow, steady and with lots of patience you win the race of life."                       ~MN

14) "Do it when you are ready and not when the world tells you. "                          ~MN

15) "Be passionate and not desperate."                                                                        ~MN

16) "Time heals and kills everything."~MN

17) "Don't put yourself when you can't. Push yourself when you are ready and trained."                                                                   ~MN
18) "It's ok to make mistake but what's not ok is not to learn."                                 ~MN

19) "The opportunity you will get today will shape your future tomorrow. So use it wisely."                                                    ~ MN

20) "Patience and a smile takes you far."                                                                      ~MN

21) "Suno sabki, karo mann ki."            ~MN

22) "Khushiyon bas apni zindagi ko dekhne ka nazariya hoti hai. Kisi ke paas bahut kuch hai usko aur chahiye aur koi kam me hi khush hai."                                          ~MN

23) Education se jyada knowledge rakho aur degrees se jyada skills rakho. Ek hi to zindagi hai uska dhyan khud rakho."   ~MN
24) "Your body ages with time and you mind ages with experience."                 ~MN

25) The great will never scream "I am Great"                                                     ~MN

26) "Everybody who meet plays a role in your life. Never underestimate anybody."                                                                   ~MN

27) "Always remember . Save the best for the last."                                               ~MN
28) "Man doesn't get rich with money and fame. He gets rich with knowledge, love and trust."                                                   ~MN

29) "One becomes a legend when they die with a great story."                             ~MN
30) "Not to early.Not to soon. do the right thing with a boom."                             ~MN

31) "In reality it's only your body which belongs to you. Rest everything you just get temporarily."                                         ~MN 

32) "People who often live in their past may not have a better future."                  ~MN

33) "The biggest strength you can possess is the power of your will."                  ~MN
34) "Success is just a feeling of being positive of all the time."                     ~MN

35) "Learn to see through all problems in life.You will find answers. "                ~MN

36) "Everybody is a hero in their own story."                                                              ~MN

37) "Your body is a gift from God and you have to treat it like a temple. It will act you as you treat."                                        ~MN

38) "The sooner you realize what's good and bad bad for your life is better."   ~MN

39) "Everything is a lesson. There is nothing lost or wasted in life."                        ~MN
40) "You can't live in life if you can't sacrifice."                                             ~MN

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