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BEST AND UNIQUE TRUE LOVE QUOTES OF ALL TIME ( Love Quotes ) - How to Express your Love in a Romantic way.( Romantic Quotes )

BEST AND UNIQUE TRUE LOVE QUOTES OF ALL TIME-  How to Express your Love in a Romantic way.( Romantic Quotes )   What is Love? According to me, Love is one of those things that cannot be discribed until a person in your life tells you it's true meaning in time and action. But it's a variable. For a true lover . It's the best thing that ever happen. For a child, it's a fairy tale, for an old person, it's a solution to loneliness. For the young, it's a profit or loss statement. For a mother, it's a sacrifice, for a father, it's the duty.  So here we would like to share some best love quotes, love messages, love poems,  couple quotes, beautiful Quotes and most beautiful I love You quotes. In our humble opinion, there are 70+ of the best and unique Love Quotes of all time. Share these Love quotes with your Love ones, or Facebook friends and Instagram stories, to show how you really feel about love. Unique Short Quotes of Love. 1)  " I love you " beg

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