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Ali Ibn Talib was a great scholar and a brave skilled worrier. He was born in C.600. He was a fourth Caliph from 656 to 661. Ali was a cousin and son-in-law of islamic Prophet Muhammad. He belonged from the most respected family of Quraish, Banu Hashim.

He was also name as Amir al_Mu'minin ( Prince of the Faithful ") , Murtada ( " one who is chosen and contented" ) . According to the tradition , he was second person after Khadiza to accept Islam.  He married Fatima R.A daughter of Prophet Muhammad. 

Here you are going to know about best qoutes of Hazrat Ali . These qoutes inspire us today in our daily life. Those who are true believer of islam should follow his thoughts and ideas.

TOP 40 Qoutes OF Hazrat Ali R.A

1) "Lack of forgiveness is the ugliest of all flaws."      ~Hazrat Ali (R.A) 

2) "A man measure is his will. "  

3) "The greatest loss is the wasted time."  

                           ~Hazrat Ali (R.A) 

4) "Be patient and you will get what you want."

5) "Be kind to all the creatures of God."


                  ~Hazrat Ali (R.A) 

6) "Time reveal that all that was once hidden."

7) "When the characteris good, the speech becomes gentle."    ~Hazrat Ali (R.A) 

8) "Nothing is uglier than a two faced man."

9) "Honour you mother and your father so that your children will honour you."                                                  ~Hazrat Ali (R.A) 

10) "He who obeys creator is not bothered by the displeasure of the creation."

11) "Do good but never speak of it."                                                ~Hazrat Ali (R.A) 

12)"The believer is not unjust to someone he hates."

13) "Do not chasewho does not want you."

                                    ~Hazrat Ali (R.A) 

14) "Let me alone, and go in search of someone else."

15) "Never show off your happiness in front of a sad person."    ~Hazrat Ali (R.A) 

16) "Do for this life as if you live forever, do for afterlife as if you die tomorrow."

17) "He who is not loyal to you does not deserve your love." ~Hazrat Ali (R.A) 

18) "I was not created to be occupied by eating delicious food like tied up cattle."

19)"When you are angry, do not speak."

                             ~Hazrat Ali (R.A) 

20) "The believer is grateful in every situation."

21) "Do not speak of what you are doing until it's done."   ~Hazrat Ali (R.A) 

22) "Wish for other what you wish for yourself."

23) "Do not let greed overpower your patience."            ~Hazrat Ali (R.A) 

24) "If you rush, you will stumble."

25) "The best response to a fool is silence."

                                ~Hazrat Ali (R.A) 

26) "All the things come to those who wait."

27) "The worst endeavor is separating two friends."             ~Hazrat Ali (R.A) 

28) "If you overpower your enemy, then pardon him by way of thankfulness to Allah, for being able to subdue him."

29) "Often it is you who do yourself the most harm."        ~Hazrat Ali (R.A) 

30) "To make one good action succeed another, is the perfection of goodness."

31) "A liitle which lasts longer is better than much which brings grief." ~Hazrat Ali (R.A) 

32) "True strength lies in controlling your anger."

33) "Free your heart from hate, for hate is a sickness."    ~Hazrat Ali (R.A) 

34) "Do not be slave to others when Allah created you free."

35) "One whose griefs increases his body becomes sick."  ~Hazrat Ali (R.A) 

36) "Do not allow yourself to feel sorrow for what you have lost such that it preoccupies you from what is yet to come."

37) "The best of generosity is the help to the oppressed." ~Hazrat Ali (R.A) 

38) "He who has thousands friends has not a friend to spare, and he who has one enemy will  meet him everywhere."

39) "If you do not know, do not speak." ~Hazrat Ali (R.A) 

40) "Help and you will be helped."


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