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Chocolate Day, the third day of Valentine's Week is celebrated on 9th February. The month of Valentine's week is here. It starts from the Rose Day on 7 february followed by Propose Day (8 February), Chocolate Day(9 February), Teddy Day (10 February), Promise Day(11 February), Hug Day(12 February), Kiss Day(13 February) and then finally arrives Valentine's Day on 14 February.This year 2021 it's going to occur on Tuesday.

Chocolate, the best of all sweets and a perfect way to touch the heart of loved ones.As it said that money can't buy happiness,that's true but it can buy chocolate which is one of the best way to express your emotions.Chocalate is something that is dear to everyone.So on this 9 February, the chocolate Day which comes just after propose Day, you can gift the chocolates to your love with a lovely quotes, wish or message. If you are far away from them, then you can send them the best chocolate Day quotes, wishes and messages. We have brought the best quotes and wishes given below. Go and check the best ones. Here is 40 best quotes, wishes and messages about Chocolate Day.

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1)Sending you a wish dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with love. Happy Chocolate Day. 

2) At this special sweet day of chocolate I want to make your whole life sweet. Happy Chocolate Day. 

3) Money can't buy happiness but it can buy the chocolate which is pretty much same thing. Happy Chocolate Day. 

4)Life without chocolate is like beach without water. Happy Chocolate Day. 

5) A chocolate can express your feelings better than words. Happy Chocolate Day. 

6) Just like chocolate your love makes me happy. So Happy Chocolate Day. 

7) It's chocolate day so let's celebrate the occasion with chocolate that will make the occasion more sweet. 

8) As you are sweeter than chocolate so I love sharing them with you. Happy Chocolate Day. 

9) Chocolate is bliss. Happy Chocolate Day. 

10) Our friendship is as sweet as chocolate. Happy Chocolate Day. 

11) You are so soft like dairy milk, you are so silky like Cadbury milk, you are so lovely like my sweetheart. Happy Chocolate Day. 

12) True happiness will be found in true love but a chocolate can deliver it. Happy Chocolate Day. 

13) Every chocolate is like phases in life. Some are crunchy, some are soft, some are nutty but all of them are delicious. Happy Chocolate Day. 

14) Love and chocolate has a long story of togetherness. Happy Chocolate Day. 

15) When we  don't have words chocolate can speak volumes. Happy Chocolate Day. 

16) Try eating chocolate if you believe in love. Happy Chocolate Day. 

17) You are like a chocolate. The longer you eat the sweeter it becomes. Happy Chocolate Day. 

18) On this chocolate Day I am sending this chocolate box as an epitome  of my immense love to you. Keep Smiling. 

19) It's Chocolate Day, let's celebrate it with Chocolate. It will make it more sweeter. 

20) Look there is no metaphysics like chocolate on earth. Happy Chocolate Day. 

21) My life has become a Fruit and Nut chocolate after getting a wonderful wife like you. Happy Chocolate Day sweetheart!

22) My dear husband, you'll always be my Valentine......You are like a chocolate in my life bringing happiness & sweetness always.
Happy Chocolate Day!

23) Nine out of ten person like chocolate and the tenth person always lie. Happy Chocolate Day. 

24) Today is Chocolate Day
Dairy Milk for Love
Kit Kat for Being Special
Bounty for the Coolest Person
Mars for a Best Friend
Five Star for a Cute Hug
Galaxy 4 Sweet Kiss
What Will You Give Me?

25) I want to give you a sweet Chocolate on this day. Happy Chocolate Day Darling! 

26) I love you more than chocolate and I really love chocolate. Happy Chocolate Day. 

27) Life is like a box of chocolate and I want to share it with you. Happy Chocolate Day Darling! 

28) Your love is sweeter than chocolate. Happy Chocolate Day. 

29) I simply love sharing everything with you. Love you. Happy Chocolate Day. 

30) Nothing can match your sweetness. Happy Chocolate Day Darling! 

31) Chemically speaking chocolate is the best food in the world. Happy Chocolate Day. 

32) I want you to retain your sweetness like the most precious chocolate. I don't want you lose in my life. Always stay with me. Happy Chocolate Day. 

33) Just like chocolates are necessary for a healthy body, true love is essential for a happy life. Happy Chocolate Day!

34) It's Chocolate Day. These are for you with hugs, kisses and lots of love. 

35) Hey my love, you are like a piece of chocolate, the longer you'll stay with me, the sweeter my life will become! Happy Chocolate Day. 

36) Your face makes my soul want to eat chocolate pudding. Happy Chocolate Day. 

37) If there's no chocolate in heaven, I am not going there. Happy Chocolate Day. 

38) Chocolate is love without words. Happy Chocolate Day. 

39) Anything is good if it is made from chocolate. Happy Chocolate Day. 

40) Happy Chocolate Day to my sweetheart who is sweeter than chocolate. Love you! 

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