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Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calender, it comes after the month of Shaban. It is also one of the fifth pillar of Islam. During this month Muslims through out the world fast from dawn to sunset.The prefast meal is called suhur/ sehri and the post one is called iftar. As the maghrib azaan starts, muslims starts iftar by eating dates. Muslims read their holy book quran everyday during this month and pass precious time in the prayer of Allah. 

During this month people abstain themselves from any kind of bad works, read five times prayer in a day and helps the poor and needy ones by  zakat. The fasting is not only mean to avoid eating and drinking but also avoid from bad deeds. This year Ramadan is going to start 12 April depending upon the moon. The Ramadan month remains for 29-30 days. After Ramadan Eid comes which is also a very big festival of Muslims. This month teaches us how to be pious, soft heart, discipline, patience and have self control. 
We pray to Allah that this Ramadan May Allah forgive all our sins and guide us to right path. May we all live together with happiness and brotherhood. 

If you are looking for sehri wishes then here you are going to browse best sehri wishes. 

1)Aur wo jab ummat ko bakhshne pa aata hai
To tohfah me ramadan deta hai
Ramadan ki pehli sehri mubarak ho! 

2) Jab Jeene ki wajah Allah Ho
To mayusi ki koi wajah nahi hoti
Ramadan ki doosri sehri mubarak ho! 

3) Roza rakhne ke liye taaqat ki nahi niyat ki jarurat hoti hai. 
Ramadan ki 3rd sehri Mubarak 

4) Ramadan does not come to change our schedule. It comes to change our hearts. 
Ramadan ki 4th sehri mubarak! 

5) Sabar Insan ko tootne nahi deta
Ramadan ki 5vi sehri mubark ho! 

6) Sehri ki waqt ki dua Allah jarur poori karta hai. 
Ramadan ki 6th sehri mubarak ho! 

7) Naseeb aur Muqaddar sabr se milta hai. 
Ramadan ki 7th sehri mubarak ho! 

8) Jab karam hota hai to Halat badal jaate hain. 
Ramadan ki 8th sehri mubarak ho! 

9) Ramadan is the best time to make Or break a habit. 
Ramadan ki 9th sehri mubarak ho! 

10) Mera Allah wo hai jo har cheez jaanta hai. 
Ramadan ki 10th sehri mubarak ho! 

11) Zindagi ke andhere safar me
Namaz Roshni laati hai. 
Ramadan ki 11vi sehri mubarak ho! 

12) Hidayat Allah ka fazal hai jo har kisi ko nahi milta. 
Ramadan ki 12th sehri mubarak! 

13) Khuda ki adaalat me sirf insaf hota hai. 
Ramadan ki 13th sehri mubarak ho! 

14) Jab kuch na kar sako to dua kiya karo. 
Ramadan ki 14th sehri mubarak ho! 

15) Maah-e- Ramadan ki 15th Sehri mubarak ho! 

16) Koi adhoori na rahen dua kisi ki
Sabke liye aisa Ramadan mubarak ho! 
Ramadan ki 16th sehri mubarak ho! 

17) Imaan walon Islam me poori tarah dakhil ho jao aur shaitan ke kadmon ke tabeydaari na karo wo tumhara khula dushman hai. 
Ramadan ki 17th Sehri mubarak ho! 

18) Ramadan ki 18vi sehri mubarak ho! 
Duaon me yaad rakhen! 

19) Jahan izzat na mile wahan jhukna bekaar hai. 
Ramadan ki 19th sehri mubarak ho! 

20) Apko aur apke parivar ko Ramzan ki 20th sehri Mubarak ho!

21) Daulat aur izzat sirf Allah ke haathon me hai! 
Ramadan ki 21th Sehri mubarak ho! 

22) Musibat me sirf Allah hi kaam aata hai. 
Ramadan ki 22th sehri mubarak ho! 

23) Khuchh to khaas hai majhab-e- Islam me
 16 ghante pyaas me rehne se kuch nahi hota. 
Ramadan ki 23th sehri mubarak ho! 

24) Rehmat hai Ramadan 
Barkat hai Ramadan
Ramadan ki 24th Sehri mubarak ho! 

25) Ummeed aur khwahish logo se nahi Allah se ki jaati hai. 
Ramadan ki 25th sehri mubarak ho! 

26) Rab ko Sabse pehle rakho khud ko kabhi aakhri nahi paaoge! 
Ramadan ki 26th Sehri mubarak ho! 

27) Jiske Liye Allah kaafi ho jaaye 
Wo kisi ka mohtaaz nahi hota! 
Ramadan ki 27th sehri mubarak ho! 

28) Allah humare rozon ko qabool farmayen
Ramadan ki 28th sehri mubarak ho! 

29) Sabr Karo Rab tumhaare saath hai! 
Ramadan ki 29th Sehri Mubarak

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