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Breakup Quotes

Relationships are not easy to get along but they can come to an end through a slightest mistake. These Breakup Quotes are full of pain and misery. When you lose someone then it’s like picking up the broken pieces of a mirror where you hurt your own self. After the breakup, a person becomes disappointed because he never expected such a painful feeling before. Sometimes a lover is left without any genuine reason and then he realize that he is now incomplete without his partner. Respect is everything in love; if you cannot respect someone then you cannot love someone.  These Breakup Quotes will surely give you strength to bear the pain of your breakup.

Breakup Quotes 9

“ Why is the heart the most important organ if it breaks so easily? I don’t run from you, I walk away slowly, and it kills me because you don’t care enough to stop me… The one’s that make you cry, never deserve your tears, and the ones that do deserve them will never make you cry. ”

- Unknown -
Breakup Quotes 3

“ Liars. How hard is it? There was nothing I denied him of. He had everything in me. The one thing I can’t get back. I gave up EVERYTHING for him… I loved him with every part of me. I would’ve died for him. but it still wasn’t good enough. ”

- Unknown -
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